Mental Health Services & Treatment in Raleigh, NC

Everyone needs help sometimes, no matter how good their life may appear from the outside. Satyam Primary Care is here to help those in the Raleigh, NC, and Cary, NC areas in need of mental health services. We provide treatment for ADHD, depression and other mood disorders, PTSD, OCD, and eating disorders. If you or a loved one is struggling with any of these, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

We understand that not all those in need of mental health services are fortunate enough to have health insurance. Satyam Primary Care is a self-pay doctor and cash-pay doctor offering plenty of reasonable options.

We have integrated management of multiple mental health conditions into our practice. Here are some ways we mental health services:

Screening and assessment:

We implement routine screening tools to identify patients at risk of mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Screening is done during regular check-ups or problem specific visit. We conduct thorough assessments for patients who screen positive to determine the severity of their symptoms and appropriate interventions.

Brief interventions:

We offer brief interventions, such as brief counseling sessions, psychoeducation, and motivational interviewing techniques, to address mild to moderate mental health concerns. These interventions can help patients develop coping strategies, improve self-care behaviors, and make positive lifestyle changes.

Referrals to mental health specialists:

We can refer our patients for psychiatric consultation services for more severe or complex mental health conditions that require specialized treatment. Psychiatrists can provide diagnostic assessments, medication management, and treatment recommendations. We work collaboratively with them to optimize patient care. We have established partnerships with community mental health agencies, counseling centers, and psychiatric practices to facilitate referrals for patients who require more intensive or specialized mental health treatment.

Telehealth services:

We use telehealth platforms to deliver mental health services remotely for patients who face barriers to accessing in-person care, such as transportation difficulties or geographic limitations. Telehealth can include, medication management appointments, and remote monitoring of symptoms.

By integrating mental health services into primary care clinics, we have tried to improve access to timely and comprehensive care for patients with mental health concerns, leading to better outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and enhanced overall well-being.

Mental Illnesses & Symptoms

Symptoms of ADHD

– Aggression
– Hyperactivity
– Irritability
– Repetition of words or actions
– Hard time focusing
– Short attention span
– Impulsive

Symptoms of Depression

– Anxiety
– Mood swings
– Sadness
– Irritability
– Social isolation
– Excessive hunger
– Fatigue
– Loss of appetite
– Restlessness
– Excessive tiredness

Symptoms of Eating Disorders

– Dramatic weight loss or gain
– Wears baggy clothing to hide weight loss or stay warm
– Sleep problems
– Rigid exercise regime
– Frequent dieting
– Extreme mood swings

Schedule An Appointment for Mental Health Services Today

We use evidence-based medicine in our practice to give our patients the best treatment possible. Care for patients of all ages is welcome here. We aim to serve as your family doctor for many more decades to come! If you or a loved one are showing symptoms of a mental illness, please don’t ignore them. Contact our office to schedule an appointment today, and get started on the road to recovery.