Family Doctor Serving Raleigh, NC

Your and your family’s health is the most important thing. Every year you should be visiting your local primary care doctor for a physical. Your doctor will review your overall health. During your visit, your physician will provide you with an overview of your health and give you recommendations on how to maintain and improve your health.

Beyond your routine physical, your family doctor provides vaccinations, bloodwork, preliminary diagnosis, specialist referrals, and more. They are the first person that you will encounter for all your healthcare needs and have the best understanding of your overall health.


Services That Our Family Doctor Provides

  • Annual Physicals: Your annual physical is the time of year your primary care physician gets to do an overall check of your health. They will then provide you with recommendations on how to be your best self in terms of your health. These are also typically required for children who want to play sports in school.


  • Specialist Referrals: Family doctors are generalists. We have knowledge in all areas of medicine but do not necessarily specialize in one area of medicine. When we suspect there to be an issue in an area we do not have the expertise, we will refer you to an expert.


  • Vaccinations: We provide vaccinations that you may need or want such as the flu vaccine, COVID-19, HPV, and more.


  • Diagnostics & Screening: Our physicians will do preliminary screening and diagnosis for illnesses and diseases that we suspect you may have.


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 Satyam Primary Care is a family doctor serving the Raleigh, NC area. We work with everyone and aim to keep you as healthy as can be. Our doctor’s office offers a variety of services to our patients including physicals, vaccinations, diagnostics, and screening. Our family doctors are here to help you be your most healthy self and provide you with the healthcare services you need. Contact us today to schedule your doctor’s appointment!