Annual Physical Exams for Raleigh, NC

Your family doctor plays an important role in your overall health. They are often your first point of contact for all your health concerns. They are the ones that see you the most often and know the most about you. Your primary care provider is also the first one that can notice any changes in your health or signs of illness. Your annual physical exam is usually the time your doctor will do a full review of your health and check for symptoms of disease. It is also a time you can get any vaccinations that you need or want.

Unfortunately, many people do not schedule annual physicals. They do not believe that they are necessary or are anxious about going to the doctor’s office. Your anxiety about going for your physical or the notion that you can skip it here and there shouldn’t stop you from going annually. Your health can change drastically over a year. Symptoms may develop that indicate disease in its early stages and if caught, you have a higher chance of being cured.

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At Satyam Primary Care, we provide annual physical exams to the Raleigh, NC community. Your physical exam is the yearly opportunity your primary care provider gets to check your overall health. It allows for the early detection of signs and symptoms of illnesses in their early stages. The earlier illness and disease are detected, the sooner it can be treated and the better chance you have of being cured. That is why you should always consider scheduling your annual checkup. Contact us today to schedule your annual visit!